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These gadgets were designed and manufactured for FPT Industries (Fiat Powertrain Technologies), a leader in the powertrain sector.

Using Digital Manufacturing technologies we produced 250 scale models for the launch of the new concept engine CursorX.

Gadget Size 10 x 6 x 12 cm

Using as a starting point a 3d model of the CursorX given by FPT, we have scaled it and re-engineered it to adapt to these technologies. Each component of this gadget was produced with a different technology. The white components were 3d printed in resine, as to obtain a shiny surface much like the original engine. The black parts, on the other hand, were made using SLS 3d printing technologies in order to have an opaque and rough finnish. To complete the model, the logos of the company were added by using a UV printer. A laser cut plexiglass base was also provided.

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