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“FS Station”, Brescia Metro

On the occasion of the return of the Winged Victory to Brescia, the straordinary roman bronze statue, after two years in restoration, Emilio Isgro has created a site specific artwork that redraws the profile of the Winged Victory by using his signature expressive language of erasing texts. A technique that is recognized as one of the most original contemporary art languages after the second world war. 

Emilio Isgro (Barcellona, Pozzo di Gotto, ME, 1937), has developed this work of art specifically for the northern wall of the FS Station in the Metro of Brascia, positioning it at the entrance of the city as a symbol of hospitality.

We were honored to be part of the making of this magestrous 200 sqm work, composed of 205 CNC milled fiber cement panels, that portrays the silhouette of the Winged Victory. 

Check the gallery to see the different phases of production!

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