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A: Superstuff is a design brand, born from the experience of TheFabLab, a digital fabrication lab founded in Milan in 2013.

B: Interesting! How did it come to be?

A: Everything started with the viral and unexpected success of the Umarell, the retired old man, that with his hands on his back, controls our digital construction sites (our computers). For this reason and our vast experience in Digital Making we decided to create a new brand of products of our own production.

B: Ohhh I know the Umarell, I’ve always found it clever! Talk to me a little bit more about this new brand.

A: Superstuff is innovative, ironic and SUPER! It’s a digitally crafted brand, or better, each product is designed, prototyped and manufactured using technologies from the industry 4.0, such as 3d printing, CNC milling machines, laser cutting, among others. Rethinking and reevaluating the traditional methods of industrialization.

B: Wow!

A: Besides, its bespoke, we create tailored projects for out clients. Just like our technologies, we can adapt to different requests. We can make personalized gadgets, design products, awards, installations… The only limit is your imagination.

B: I have an idea! Can I contact you?

A: Of course! Write to us at [email protected]