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Evening Golf by Umarell

If you are thinking how to improve your “backswing” in golf, then the answer is: place a Umarell next to you and have him watch you while you execute your moves. Simple, right?

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Superstuff for Nokia

In collaboration with Nokia, for the launch of the new Nokia 800 Tough. A phone designed for those who practise extreme sports or for those who work in construction. So, whom better to show the idea of this new product than the Umarell!

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The Bridge on newsstands

Leonardo’s bridge by Superstuff was sold and distributed at newsstands with the newspaper Giornale di Brescia. Let yourself be impressed by how a complex problem can be solved with a simple solution.

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Umarell on the big screen

Umarell on the big screen! Who would’ve thought? Our Umarell has made its first on screen appearance in cinemas, on the successful 10 Giorni Senza Mamma, a film for the whole family.

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