The cam hammer, taken from the Madrid Codex is a very useful tool for construction, it is capable of transforming therotaring motions in alternating. For example it can be useful to beat iron or crush stone.

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Besides being a great artist and architect, Leonardo Da Vinci designed hundreds of machines, from big equipments to small but innovative mechanisms.

Nontheless, according to many historians, the tuscan genius never relised many of the inventions he drew and described in his famous codices. With this collection of Leonardesque machines, without glue or tools, you can “help” Leonardo to finish his work, making his project concrete and discovering all his genius.
A man of genius and universal talent who fully embodied the spirit of his era, bringing it to the greatest forms of expression in the most disparate fields of art and knowledge by designing objects that today thanks to Superstuff you can have them in your home!

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