Bundle Scaramantico


Three products united against bad luck:
– Scaramantikit
– Keychain
– Xmas Ball
All strictly red, all strictly lucky!

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You know, they say it works even if you don’t believe in it.

Against the darkest misfortune one object is not enough, you need them all!

You need the cornetto that to work it must be red and with a crooked shape. We need the horns to ward off from trouble. Obviously, the horseshoe , the four-leaf clover and the ladybug with it’s seven dots.

Mmh .. not enough? we definitely need all the talismans of the world!

How about Japan’s maneki-neko that brings economic wealth and is often placed on shop counters? And the elephant from India, a symbol of strength and wisdom? How about the Irish gnome, a symbol of protection? Or maybe we need to find the keys to find success?

For sure we need the hamsa an ancient Middle Eastern symbol that drives away any negative force, and the horse of Sweden which is a symbol of wisdom. And last but not least, the acorn , the lucky charm of England.


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